Slightly Supertramp styled offering from London’s Scouting For Girls with their latest offering Elvis Ain’t Dead. The bassline might have been plucked from the cheesiest Casio keyboard you can imagine but underneath the absolute tonnage of piano there’s a pleasing little pop gem to see the year out with. Available now for download from intomusic, its only 30p as well. Better in your music collection than down the back of your sofa I say

Twisted pop electronica fans should find something to please them with the latest from Shiny Toy Guns with their latest release Le Disko, not totally unlike Peaches with a slightly aggressive female drawl stuck up front. A fat snarling bass loiters round the back waiting to box your ears and as you might expect there’s more than a touch of sauce to the lyrics, nothing to make granny upset though just lots of references to guns, knives and clean cuts (you get the picture). Not bad though should do the business in your club of choice Once again its available now for immediate download from your portal of choice.

I Was A Cub Scout release Pink Squares on 27th November, a mixture of loose drums slightly waspish piercing synths (nice though) and one of those slightly pleading vocals that that contemporary British acts do so well nowadays, nonetheless its infectious all the same and should do well to plug the gap in your head till something else comes along (I really do like those waspish synths though).
Sometimes there comes a point when something great comes out that for one reason or another you totally miss. This week has been one of those events with a single that was out earlier this year and although I missed the boat at the time I still reckon this is something that requires addressing here and now. Urban Myth Club did a session on the radio at the top of this week and it was through this that I came across their first single I Feel It available for download on their site. If you’re looking for comparisons then one of the most obvious would be a band like Lamb, a heartfelt vocal draped over lush gentle backdrops that gives the listener one of those open spaced listening experiences. The mixes aren’t bad either, subtle tweaks and touches arrive courtesy of 7th Avenue and DJ Nuaji. The ever wonderful Young Punx turn up to give the track an outing as well but as is the case with almost everything they do the results are hardly subtle. They grab the track, slay it and speed it up and leave you with a dancefloor stormer that comes from unexpected origins.

That should keep you going until next time.