It’s time for Comic Relief again kids which means that no matter what they release as a single we have to remember it’s for charity and that’s what counts…right?

This year The Saturdays are responsible for the official Red Nose day single and I have to say it’s an absolute f*cking hatchet job of Depeche Mode’s synthpop classic ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Truly terrible in more ways than I can count and one can only hope that those responsible for this are suitably reprimanded. The thought that people could actually go out and find this single a pleasurable experience is one that makes me want to cave my own head in with a hammer.

(Red Nose Day is on Friday 13th March, pledge enough money and maybe this lot won’t release any more records).

Meanwhile Brit nominees Scouting For Girls return with what feels like their billionth single ‘Keep On Walking’ and once again it’s another slice of twee pop that is neither good nor bad but does seem somewhat forgettable. I was bored of this in just over a minute. Keep On Walking indeed…

Available as a free download from March 9th