Kicking off the singles this Monday with an outing from The Sea and their new single ‘Don’t You Want Me’. It’s got bugger all to do with The Human League song of the same name but it does shape up as a pedal down rough hewn slab of bluesy pub rock. All caterwauled vocals and diesel drenched guitar. The band have already cut their teeth supporting the likes of The Enemy, New Young Pony Club and Rumble Strips. if they can deliver this calibre of material in a live arena then a good time should be had by all. It’s out on the 4th August digitally and on the 11th in 7” vinyl format.

The 11th also sees the next single from Go:Audio in the shape of “She Left Me”. Nothing new in the lyric department as the title suggests but It’s a an effervescent little number chock full of fizzing guitars topped off with bits of needly synth work and some mournful piano for good measure. It’s actually quite a deserving little piece that with any luck should be able to catch some radio play before they embark upon a headline tour which sees them taking in the Barfly in London on the 12th August.

Following on in the theme of love lorn lyrics Scouting For Girls continue with their brand of quirky pop with their latest single ‘It’s Not About You’ one wonders just how much longer they can keep mining the vein of jittery melody they keep pursuing. I mean I don’t mind this at all, but this is the last time I will let them get away with flogging one particular type of dead horse. After that I might turn nasty, but for now this is perfectly excusable. Out on August 4th.

Finally The Cure continue their almost unnoticed assault on the singles chart and It’s a shame I haven’t heard more airplay from them as the material they are knocking out right now isn’t half bad. Alright not a million miles from what they have always done but for the latest track ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ (out this week), it’s a bit edgier than they have been of late. There’s a distinct rise in tempo interspersed with some trademark glowering bass and Robert Smith actually sounding bothered enough to push his fey caterwauling vocals that bit further than he normally does. A subtle recommend from these quarters methinks.