Summer is well and truly upon us. I, for one, am having reservations about wearing my bikini on holiday. However, here’s a couple of things that may help you bare all (well, as much as is decent…). To help me on my way, before I go on holiday next month, I have started taking two supplements from Holland & Barrett:

After a long, grey winter what better way to detox. The process of detoxing helps to remove toxins from the body with the result that you can lose weight, feel healthier and lose some of that cellulite!

Bio-Cleanse contains Chicory, Nettle and Dandelion Root which have a synergetic effect on your body to help cleanse of toxins. Nettle and Chicory have detoxifying properties which are known to stimulate the liver by increasing gastric and bile secretions; nettle is also an effective diuretic that excretes toxins through sweating.

How deep is your tan…?
We all want a bit of a tan in the summer (apart from my friend, Val). It makes us feel better and look better. Holland & Barrett can give a helping hand with Tan Tablets.

Holland & Barrett Tan Tablets may accelerate the tanning process, which reduces the sun exposure needed to promote a tan. These however do not prevent sunburn, so always remember to use a good quality sun cream.