Right, you marvelous people – I’m sure many of you have come back from your holidays with dry, sun damaged hair (or you’re about to go on holiday and would like to avoid hair that feels and looks like straw – it could ruin your chances of a holiday romance) and are looking for some kind of miracle to get those sexy tresses back into action.

I have a cure.

Our lovely friends at Klorane give you The Mango Butter Range. These products really will rescue your poorly hair.

Mango butter is really nutritious and seriously rich in fatty acids which is why it is the perfect ingredient to repair and feed damaged hair fibres. The outcome is that you end up with beautifully shiny hair even if you’ve spent all week in the sun and sea!

Oh, did I mention that these products smell delicious too?

The Klorane Mango Butter Range consists of:

A rich and creamy shampoo that replenishes and restructures the hair shaft, smooths cuticles and restores moisture, which will protect your hair from dehydration

Does what it says it does – apply after shampooing and you’ll have soft, smooth
and tangle free hair

This is a deep nourishing treatment which restructures the hair shaft and smooths the cuticles. Mango Butter Repair Mask will rescue the even the driest, most sun damaged hair by making it less porous and more resistant to external aggressions (like the sea, sun and general bad treatment)

Stop abusing your hair and start treating it with love – you’ll look better for it.

All Klorane products use plants that are grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. You see, I told you they were lovely.