Kicking off today’s clutch of forthcoming releases with a little gem of a single from ‘A Fine Frenzy’, a story of a relationship that never quite got off the ground but the fact that it didn’t caused almost as much pain as the messiest break up. Delivered in a breathy, longing vocal style this really does bode well for the 22 year old talent that is Alison Sudol, complimented with a minimal yet clean acoustic instrumentation it suits her voice wonderfully. It’s haunting stuff indeed and if she maintain this quiet momentum on her debut album ‘One Cell In The Sea’ we can all sleep easy.

Sarabeth Tucek has the single ‘Nobody Cares’ out on May 26th. Once again we are in acoustic territory but this one has an old world whimsical charm that makes you think someone has reached back to the late sixties and grabbed her by the pigtails and dragged her into the present. Imagine a backdrop created by an acoustically driven version of The Who with a worldly wise vocal clamped on the top and you might just have an idea where I am coming from. It’s backed by a tasty little slice of country melancholia that goes by the name of ‘Ambulance’ lovely stuff, recommended.

Jesse McCartney might not be a household name but you do know his work, he was the co writer behind the Leona Lewis uber hit ‘Bleeding Love’ as a single this isn’t too bad, soulful vocals laid in a somewhat predictable manner over a slightly skewed bed of beats. However salvation truly comes in the form of the Mstrkrft remix which lays down a trademark bassline so thick you could take off your shoes and paddle in it. Remixes like this make you feel like you’ve been mugged. Ace!

(Disclaimer: being mugged isn’t ace by the way, apologies to mugees)

Finally Taio Cruz returns with an earnest slab of electronically fuelled pop soul, vocally and lyrically not the most original piece you are going to find knocking on your door this year but it should be praised for the sense of drama elicited in the musical backdrop. This is the kind of track you see on a US sitcom for those “Ross and Rachael” reconciliation moments. Nobody will admit to liking this but that doesn’t really matter, we’ve all got guilty pleasures. Estelle makes a cameo appearance as well on the mixes. Having the flavour of the month guest on your track never did anyone any harm after all. It’s out on May 26th. Enjoy.