Hayfever season is upon us!

Don’t laugh – I know it feels more like February than late April, but mark my words, 15 – 20% of you are going to start sneezing, wheezing and looking like you’ve spent hours in floods of tears! Never fear Holland and Barrett are here to help. The good news is that you won’t be taking any nasty chemicals, just good, old fashioned natural remedies that are proven to help your symptoms disappear.

Good ‘n Natural Marshmallow Root – £9.99 for 100 capsules

The active constituent in marshmallow is a mucilage (gives you a bit of a clue as to what it does). Yep, mucilage acts as a soothing expectorant, loosening and encouraging the elimination of phlegm from the airways. Marshmallow is also useful for soothing dry coughs, inflamed and irritated throats. Two capsules are taken three times a day. Or, if you find them hard to swallow, the capsules can be opened up and drunk as a tea with hot water.

Holland & Barrett Quercetin + Vitamin C – £8.99 for 50 capsules

Research carried out at Cornell University shows that quercetin is extremely successful in reducing sneezing and cooling inflamed tissues (no more red noses). It is believed that Quercetin and Vitamin C are a particularly effective combination that reduce sensitivity to allergens, lessen mucus production and wheezing. Two capsules can be taken daily, preferably with meals. Quercetin is a non-citrus bioflavonoid derived from blue green algae and contains no citrus allergens.

Good ‘n Natural Stinging Nettle – £5.19 for 100 capsules

Nettles have a long history of use in the home as a herbal remedy and nutritious addition to the diet. It has traditionally been used as a cleansing tonic and blood purifier so the plant is often used in the treatment of hay fever, arthritis, skin complaints, anaemia etc. An early study reported that capsules made from freeze-dried leaves reduced sneezing and itching in people with hayfever. Two to three capsules can be taken three times a day.

Holland & Barrett Organic Forest Honey – £2.49 for 340g

Experts believe that honey can help to ease the symptoms of hayfever caused by pollen allergies. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, along with containing nutraceuticals which are effective in removing free radicals from our body and, as result it improves body immunity. Eating honey is said to build up a natural resistance to pollen, this treatment should be started before the hay fever season commences and be continued over a long period to have the best effect. It tastes great as well!

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