Monday – Be crystal clear

Unsightly spots and blemishes can be distressing, especially before a date (he ain’t gonna snog you if you’ve got a biig one on the end of your nose). Fortunately there is a solution! YSX Forever Spot Free is a biologically active formula that cleanses pores, exfoliates skin and quickly dries out spots for a blemish free, clear and glowing complexion.

Tuesday – Big bright smile

Wow him with a bright and sexy smile on the big day! Regular brushing with Aloe Dent Whitening brightens stained or discoloured teeth due to an anti-staining and naturally whitening Silica and Poly Vinyl Pirolidone (P.V.P) believed to be less abrasive than conventional whitening ingredients. It will leave your mouth cool, fresh and tingly after use and along with regular brushing offers frontline defence in the fight against gum disease and dental decay.

Wednesday – Practise that pucker up

Is your mouth dry? Does it feel like the bottom of a very dirty birdcage? If so, you won’t be able to enjoy all those valentine kisses, as saliva is nature’s mouthwash: it washes away bacteria and dissolves foul smelling sulphur compounds left by smelly food. Those who suffer from dry mouth may also experience dry, cracked or chapped lips – not very kissable! To keep your lips naturally kissable whatever the weather use Aloe Dent Lip Balm the natural Aloe Vera combined with Vitamins E and B5 will help moisturise and soothe, with added menthol for a fresh, tingly feeling for your lips.

Thursday – Eyes lost their sparkle?

Dazzle your date with lustful, come to bed eyes. MURINE Bright & Moist Eyes is formulated with a brightener to give super-white, bright eyes and two moisturisers helping to refresh and soothe. The long lasting eye drops come in a liquid gel helping them to stay in your eye for longer.

Friday – Beat bad breath

On a first date choosing what to wear, where to go and avoiding those awkward silences is enough to worry about, without having to select a bespoke menu of bland foods. Plus, garlic, ginger and oysters are renowned aphrodisiacs. Indulge over your Valentine meal, but keep Aloe Dent Fresh Breath Therapy close to hand. The discreet miniature sized spray provides a natural burst of powerful menthol flavour to keep bad breath at bay and the unique combination of natural ingredients, such as soothing Aloe Vera with anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Honey and Grapefruit to help protect against the build up of bacteria.

Saturday – Valentine’s Day: Move in for the kiss
Ooh la la. Sexy, sexy lips!!!! YSX Ultimate Pout Gel DOES work! Not only will your lips appear fuller, they’ll feel softer and had a natural rosy glow to them. It contains a biologically active formula to guarantee fuller, sexier looking lips – without the need for surgery! Lip volume is increased by up to 40%, appearance of fine lines around the mouth is reduced and the overall condition of the lips is enhanced after every application. Ideal for use on its own or under lipstick or gloss.

Sunday – Late night eyes need a lift!

If your date went well a late night means lazy eyes! YSX Instant Eye Lift Gel, which gives dramatic results immediately! Enriched with extracts of Algae and Wheat Protein for a quick tightening effect, it leaves the skin around the eye area firmer and smoother with the appearance of fine lines significantly reduced.

The full Aloe Dent natural oral care is available from selected Holland & Barrett and Waitrose and all good pharmacies and health food stores. For nearest stockist details please call 0870 850 7114.

The YSX range is available from Superdrug, online at or by calling 0845 399 0037

Murine is available from pharmacies nationwide priced £3.99 for 15ml