Singles ahoy kids!, after all the weekend is almost upon so without further ado lets have a listen to what the powers that be have sent me. First out of the trap is Matt Costa with his single ‘Cigarette Eyes’. First impressions were it reminded me of a Blur single, once that wore off and such novelty was spent then you find yourself in painfully familiar territory. Another tousled haired handsome chap with a bit of rugged stubble and a halfway decent voice playing in the acoustic led, band lite scenario. His pronunciation of ‘cigarette’ sounds more like ‘sega red’ as well. I thought he was banging on about games consoles for a minute. it’s alright but nothing to set your pants on fire, sadly things like this make me somewhat apathetic as opposed to my usual stance of plain pathetic.

Next up is the new single from Cute Is What We Aim For ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, which is out right now along with the album ‘Rotation’ (review to follow soon, I promise). Knowing nothing about this lot I half expected something with a sugary edge. Maybe a synth pop band? As it stands what you get is a slightly dated but passable chunk of Americana/Pop rock, the type that people like Blink 182 did better….ooh absolutely ages ago, still it’s got a rugged enough guitar line going passing through it as well as the obligatory over enunciated vocal that such bands are very proficient at. All in all it’s not too bad.

Finally we have the new release from The Saturdays, basically for those who aren’t familiar with this lot basically some sweaty impresario type has took one look at the success of Girls Aloud and decided to flash his (or her) cash at a basement level version of the band. It doesn’t matter how many times the PR tells us they are sassy and talented and “girls who just wanna have fun” we all know it’s complete bollocks. The song is a mid tempo synth track with vocals thinner than one of Posh Spice’s ankles. Shamelessly going for the ringtone market’s jugular but offering nothing to discerning people over the age of…ooh twelve. Avoid.

Thankfully a brief salvation comes in the form of The Rifles (alright they sound a touch like The Ordinary Boys to start off with but they get over that). There’s a hint of Bragg and Suggs to the vocal on this one and while it might not be as thoroughly infused with ska sensibilities as Madness used to be it’s a raucous enough little number that is bound to get the punters bouncing up and down like loons when they headline Brixton Academy on November 21st. Not a classic but not bad either. Proceed with my blessing.