Paramore might have a target audience of fat little wrist slashers but there’s no question they have a knack of delivering crafty little slices of radio friendly pop rock. Fronted by Hayley Williams she once again delivers another one of her trademark powerhouse vocals over a tightly woven mesh of guitar with the new single ‘Careful’. Production values are as always a high watermark here making this a cert to continue their mass cross over appeal. The single is out on July 12th and there’s a link to the video below.

The aforementioned Miss Williams turns up again, this time as guest vocalist on the B.o.B single “Airplanes”, this time she’s notched down a touch as the foil to B.o.B’s more than competent rap, of course it is all rather contrived and designed to bring the fanbase of one artist to another and vice versa but when it’s done well I don’t give a toss. And this kids is acceptable radio fodder.

Also out on July 12th Plan B returns with his new single Prayin’, another slab of soulful goodness from the ‘Strickland Banks’ album, the production on these singles just seems to get better and better and the general vibe around this album is well deserved. This time round remix duties are farmed out to the likes of Breakage who delivers a dirty reassemblage of the tune bringing a guttural drum track which thunders below while Ben Drew’s vocal is drenched in a haunting reverb which drifts in and out of the track giving the whole thing a ghostly almost lost feeling. Smartly cut for the darker dancefloors.

Image by Michael Underwood.