Crystal Castles return to send the year out with a track that will hopefully trouble the upper regions of the charts (although possibly a tad too early for the Christmas No.1 and lets be fair kids that is already sewn up by a novelty of some nature). This time however they have not come alone, aided and abetted by none other than The Cure’s Robert Smith.

Aaaaand it has to be said they don’t half yield a positive result with this one. Glacial synths loiter just on the right side of wanky trance and manage to stamp a real seal of authority on the track’s backdrop, there’s no unnecessary fuss or palaver in the beat work either and then along comes Bob.

He sounds remarkably fresh. Almost as if they kidnapped him from the very wardrobe he was in for that video he did back in the eighties, brought him forward in time to record this track then wiped his memory and sent him back to the very moment he left (or something).

Anyway, its very good and it will be out on December 6th