These mineral cosmetics are taking the make-up world by storm and are fast becoming the product of choice for professional make-up artists. I tested two of their products and was very pleased with the results:

Mineral Foundation

I’ll be honest, it took me three attempts before I perfected the art of application. The first time I applied it I looked like a pantomime dame (not a good look when you’re attempting to attract the man of your dreams). The second time was better, but not great. The third time was just right. That day I bumped into a friend who told me that my skin looked fantastic, which was good news, as I was terribly hung over! The art of application is to use a brush, start in the centre of your face and, using a swirling motion, work your way outwards. Believe me, it’s worth it, your skin will look luminous.

These stunning foundations are free from talc, oils, additives, preservatives and fillers and are available in 8 shades. Providing a flawless, clog free finish Mineral Foundation can be used alone for normal to oily skin or mixed with moisturiser for dry skin.

Shimmer Powders

These are FABULOUS to use and seem to last forever. These powders last all through the day (and night) without fading, creasing or clumping. The colours are vibrant, yet subtle. Shimmer Powders are made from 100% natural pigments and with a choice of 98 colours, you really can’t go wrong!

Bellápierre mineral makeup is formulated from 100% pure crushed mica and iron oxides combining incredible coverage with positive skin care benefits for a naturally translucent, barely there finish.
Your skin will love Bellápierre:

Light reflecting mica ensures stunningly radiant, luminous skin.
Natural zinc oxide has incredible healing properties.
Titanium dioxide creates a natural sunscreen offering broad range protection from UVB and UVA rays.
Formulations are free from added dyes, fillers, additives and preservatives making them suitable for all levels of sensitivity including skins prone to acne, eczema and rosacea.
Pure (100% Hypoallergenic) they can be used directly after skin procedures such as laser treatment and chemical peels.