It’s time for the latest singles round up and kicking off proceedings we have Paramore. Those often mentioned (round these parts) bubblegum rockers who have so far released an impressive debut in the form of their current album ‘Riot!’ Out on February 11th the single ‘Misery Business’ is a cracking way to spend three minutes twenty odd seconds of your time. Punchy abrasive guitars mingled with pop sensibilities (e.g they hit hard enough to wake the senses but not so hard they head into the overblown loud for loud’s sake territory) mixed with a vocal that reminds me of No Doubt before their success distilled their formula, suitably youthful with all the vim and vigour that comes part ad parcel of being fresh off the bus. Keep an eye out for this one.

Next up is Craig David, if you recall despite all the piss taking that comes as a consequence of being Craig David his latest album got a favourable mention here. The new single ‘6 of 1 Thing’ out on February 18th through Warner Brothers is a sturdy enough slice of slick pop to represent where Craig David is right now. Production wise it’s bright and punctuated with some classy stabs of brass and another one of his effortless vocals. If there is any criticism to be laid at his door, the radio edit is a touch messy and you might be rewarded for going for the undoubted slew of mixes which will follow this one around.

Beth Rowley showcases her vocal talent with her new single ‘Oh My Life’ on March 3rd. Having heard material from her already there is no doubt she can sing. This might not however be the best offering she could have delivered as an opening gambit for the upcoming album. What can I say, well it’s all a bit Lindsey De Paul for my liking. With an innocuous backing that sounded at first like it was going to go all doo wop on me, but sadly it didn’t get that interesting. Sadly inoffensive but little else.

Finally Kings Have Long Arms have a new single out right now featuring the delightful vocal talents of none other than Candie Payne. Now it has to be said…this is how you do a pop single. Despite the title Big Umbrella it has bugger all connection with other recent pop annoyances that refer to Umbrellas. Which of course can only be a good thing. Those familiar with KHLA will already be aware of their brand of electric pop nonsensical ramblings and while they are always something to amuse this single really is something of a little gem. A whimsical precursor of a the summer to come?

Quite frankly, single of the month!