The Daylight festival plays host to Alquimia this Friday, if perchance you are finding the London landscape a little grey and somber this time of year then this might just be what you are looking. Alquimia brings more than a little touch of the ethereal to proceedings with a voice that can conjure the most luscious soundscapes, grounded with a gentle acoustic backdrop. This Union Chapel should be a most fitting environment. She will be taking to the stage at 12:30pm

At 1.30pm Khantara is onstage, once again there is more than a little symbolism of spirituality within Anthar Kharana’s work. If you have a listen to the Khantar website you will see what I mean, once again a prevalent sense of the mystical and spiritual resides in the pieces. Perhaps this could be a fitting end to your week.

Saturday sees Niamh McNally at the Chapel onstage at 12pm. A singer/songwriter who actually possesses one of the warmest voices I have heard in quite some time. She plays songs that are immediately soulful yet accessible with their slight pop tinge. Once again you can preview her songs through her myspace, links at the bottom of the page.

Beverley Aarons follows Niamh at 1pm with a leaner more acoustically driven sound. Have a listen to her myspace and check out songs like ‘You Won’t Have To Go’ with its gentle arrangement and morose but learned backing vocals. Quite haunting stuff.

As always The Union Chapel offers these gigs for the princely sum of nothing so if you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to nip along.