Elton John might be as renowned for his theatrical tantrums and his bouffant uber wig these days but when push comes to shove there is no denying he has a back catalogue of some considerable force behind him. He demonstrated this at his extravagant 60th birthday bash in Madison Square garden this year in front of 20,000 thousand fans. It seems demand was so high that the concert has now been released on DVD with the obligatory “previously unseen footage” to boot.

Plumping for the full disc package should be of interest to die hard fans and more casual observers alike. While the primary focus is of course the concert itself which covers his repetoire quite extensively there are also a plethora of old clips which show Elton in his younger years from various shows and if anything these make interesting viewing if only from a historical viewpoint.

Regardless of your viewpoint on the man himself and I can’t consider myself a fan by any stretch of the imagination he does put on a good show even if it does hit the clichéd button on a number of occasions. Despite his advancing years he is caught in good form vocally and does genuinely seem to be enjoying himself.

If you’re looking to capture the essence of the man live and of course bag all his biggest hits in one fell swoop then this could be the package you are looking for.