Its the weekend so it must be time to look at some singles, kicking off with Craig David’s new release. While his previous album showed a great leap forward in both songwriting maturity and overall production this song is frankly as weak as water and has no business being released as a single. Craig melts all over the vocal which is backed by a gentle lilting identikit backing track that consists of crooned backing and wimpy acoustic guitars and a sentiment that makes your gag reflex want to kick against you like a Fern Britton surgical procedure. Awful, but if you think you know better its out on June 16th. He’s playing the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on the 17th June so you can look at his brand new muscles while lamenting how Bo! Selecta ended his career (allegedly).

Estelle fairs a little better by pretending to be Lauryn Hill and craftily stealing a little snippet of melody ‘Faith’ by George Michael, its got those big sweeping soul backing vocals that seldom fail to win people over. There’s involvement from Wyclef Jean on the writing credits but don’t let that put you off completely. Its not a bad effort all well and told. Oh, and Estelle is also playing the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on the 12th June.

Bryn Christopher shows up on the 9th June with his single ‘The Quest’, sounding suspiciously like Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’. Bryn has a bit of voice on him and the song isn’t bad either. Radio 1 fans will have doubtlessly become acquainted with this one and while its not the most original track on the market it does provide a suitable soul showcase for a talent that could go a fair bit further.

Also out on the 9th is The Music with their single ‘Strength In Numbers’, its a punchy guitar pop piece with the obligatory Northern enunciation sprawled all over the vocal (well they are from Leeds after all). Its a catchy bugger and no mistake and should suitable pique the curiosity of anyone who is looking to pick up their third eponymously titled album on June 16th which has production credits that include Phil Hartnoll and Flood. For those in London looking to catch them in the raw, they are playing the London Astoria on the 4th July.