Ridley Scott’s seminal science fiction epic Blade Runner has long been the subject of adoration and some degree of consternation from people with a penchant for futuristic films. The sci fi/film noir classic set in a then dystopian future of San Diego with its tale of rogue androids being hunted by Harrison Ford’s brow beaten detective has often divided opinion over which version of the film was best. Was it the original narrated version or the later Director’s Cut? Whichever version you preferred there is one thing for sure, the film as a whole is one that has served to influence and shape science fiction as a genre since its release.

Fans of the film should note that the film is about to be released again in its new Final Cut version. An exhaustively prepared box set that in its Ultimate Edition will collect all the previous versions of the film including a new workprint edition and a new definitive version of the film which Ridley Scott has returned to once again.

To celebrate the release of this classic, Blade Runner is going to be screened theatrically in the UK from November 23rd on a limited basis at Picture House Cinemas. If you’re a fan of this film or science fiction in general this is going to be an unmissable chance to see the film once again on the big screen. Make a note in your diary.