It’s been a long time since we last showed you some fine videos to tickle your senses but it’s back again and more powerful than ever.

So… it’s that moment when you need to turn on your speakers and put the sound up higher enough to listen to some perfect accompanying music.

Free Hugs Campaign

Synopsis: A chap used to give out free hugs every Thursday on the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney (pedestrianised shopping street, something like Leicester Square but mainly shops). This video was shot by a member of the band, Sick Puppies and used for their music video.

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Synopsis: Matt is travelling and he’s got quite a catchy dance and can you believe over 4 and a half million people have watched his vid, Matt gets around. Dirty squirrel.

Juddson Can Dance

If you’re a youngster you may not know that there’s more than one way to shake your booty on the dance floor, terrific Juddson goes through the evolution in his funky rhythm.

Kate At School And Lots Of Kisses

Synopsis: It wasn’t too long since you were at school perhaps and these times belong to Kate and her friends from her wonderful year at school. My mum says school days are the best days of your life and in fact I found this one by looking at my mum’s favourites on YouTube. This video oozes happiness and maybe my mum was right afterall.

And to round off such a nice bunch of heart-warming videos I’m going to chuck in my latest Christmas one for good measure. It’s a bit late to be wishing you all a good Christmas you might think but maybe i’m getting in early.