Matchbox Twenty return to the music scene with their retrospective album ‘Exile on Mainstream’. For those unfamiliar with their work this should provide a timely introduction to their work as this collection puts together all their singles as well as six brand new tracks which show the band working as a collaborative songwriting force for the first time. If you enjoyed the opening single ‘How Far We’ve Come’ with its Americana pop/rock flavourings then this could quite easily be one to add to your listening list.

There are more moments like that onboard the collection, the anthemic ‘Bright Lights’ coupled with the simmering melancholy of ‘Push’ for starters. In places there is almost a waft of country blowing through these songs like ‘Guilty’. The sampler I received showed the distinctly mid tempo offerings the band have to offer and while none of them punch like the opening single its not necessarily a bad thing. The album is scheduled for release on October 2nd