This week’s single reviews kick off with an anemic little rap number courtesy of Flo Rida, stealing the vocal melody from Dead Or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round’ (hence the song title ‘Right Round’) this track compiles aspects of rap’s current fascination with using big ravey synths and clapped out girly vocals shoring up the back (courtesy of Ke$ha). Yes, I know it’s getting playlisted to death and Scott Mills loves it but it’s purely because the original was a great guilty pleasure of a tune and it’s too soon for it to be re released again. Jesus, this is poor! No really…

It’s out on March 23rd

The next single which is making me lose the will to live comes courtesy of Metro Station fronted by Trace Cyrus (brother of teen sensation Miley). This is a truly shameless attempt to hack another chunk off the Cyrus gravy train and clog up the chart with a piece of fetid by the numbers pop. It’s generic, slapped together with little care (other than how much money it will make) and I truly pity the people who have got to promote this crap because with the best will in the world you cannot justify it.

Also out March 23rd