Kicking off today’s offerings with the latest pretty blonde to sit down at a piano and hedge her bets for the inevitable OC/90210/insert US teen drama soundtrack compilation. Sarah Whatmore’s new single ‘Undefined’ comes to the table with competence, some musical ability but sadly all the charisma of wallpaper paste. Maybe that’s a bit unkind but it’s Monday, I’m never sparkly on a Monday and maybe some additional material might mellow my opinion but for now this is just tedious. The title ‘Undefined’ is most apt.

It’s out on March 15th

Next up is the latest from Eslam Jawaad ‘Pivot Widdit’ a prelude to his forthcoming album ‘The Mammoth Tusk’ which will include collaborations with the likes of The RZA and Focus and Damon Albarn (final proof that he is absolutely everywhere). The single is good, laced with some decidedly old school sensibilities in both lyrical delivery and production. The track has a low slung bass kick that is just this side of thunderous, add to that the Arabic embellishment to the track’s instrumentation and you have a bit of a winner. Quite tasty this one, I approve.

Out on March 23rd