Oh I’m smitten.

I’ll grant you I’m late coming to the Sarah Blasko single ‘We Won’t Run’. My review copy has been languishing in my review pile while other things seem to have got in the way (soz Chaz!). However it must be halfway decent for me to be bashing out a review after 10pm.

It can be easy to lose interest in any additions to the multitudes of female singer/songwriters around right now (purely because there are so many to dig through). While there is undeniably a talented crop out there Blasko has a slightly skewed approach that sets her apart from some of her peers. She wears nothing on her sleeve in this song, a narrative strength yet simultaneous vulnerability are both hinted at but never overworked which made me pay a little more attention to this song than most and rewind and play it again.

Its also got a chorus that latches in your head. Combine this with the earthy yet sparse backdrop that frames Sarah’s ever so slightly raw vocals and you have yourselves a winner. Total recommend.

Out March 22nd