Akala returns with his single “XXL” on digital release through Illastate Records on the 19th April, I’ll tell you what kids, this one lands hard. Akala delivers a swift and percussive lyric over a fiercely blended mesh of old school breaks, distant twinkling pianos and some vague splashes of rave horns and acid. The remixes come equipped with additional layers of torquey, vicious drums and biting synth. Its the audio equivalent of being knocked over by a giant dog in a park and having your leg bitten. Of course I thoroughly approve. Quality.

The next single for review is Stevie Hoang’s ‘No Coming Back’. I’ll tell you what Stevie…


Piss weak earnest t-shirt shirt tugging vocalist who probably had a pained expression on his face while he was recording this (you know the sort). I know I had a pained expression on my face while I was listening. I’d worry about anyone who liked this. It is two minutes and fifty four seconds of my life I will never see again. I could have sat thinking about compost and been happier.

Out on March 29th.