One of the strongest cuts from Esser’s debut album ‘Braveface’ gets a timely re release on April 27th. ‘Headlock’ originally got a limited release last summer but its been dusted off as a suitable accompaniment to his long player. It remains a savvy piece of pop with Esser delivering a self assured vocal that belies the fact that this is only his first album. Cheeky influences creep in from the likes of Ian Dury and to a lesser degree Beck. This download only single is also backed with a couple of useful mixes from The Big Pink and James Rutledge. Not veering too far from the familiar radio mix, they shore up the back the end of the track with loose but chunky drums and some effervescent low end work. Esser also has some live dates on the horizon, you can find out more about these at the links below.

Next up is the latest from NME darlings Team Waterpolo (that fact alone made me extremely cautious). The single ‘Room 44’ is out on May 18th, I’ve heard worse material but if anything this track falls down by trying too hard to go down the ‘infectious hook’ route. There’s a piercing synth melody which sits atop pedestrian guitar work and it all comes out looking more than a little contrived. Like I say, I’ve heard worse, but then again I’ve heard better as well.

Finally we have The Days with their single ‘Never Give Up’ which is out on the 4th April. Its incredibly safe radio friendly guitar pop of the type that loiters on the airwaves with ridiculous tenacity. I would of course launch into my usual diatribe about how much I hate this track but quite frankly its so bland it doesn’t even warrant my negative attention, maybe if I concentrate hard enough I can convince myself I never heard it…

…there its gone.