The Crime & Investigation network are launching two new series this year, starting with Stalker!. A look at an increasingly common crime which can take a number of different forms and will doubtless surprise you with how far some people will go to be close to their chosen victim.

The series takes a look at these crimes from a very personal level, one victim one stalker.

The show reconstructs the behaviour of people like Tony Burstow who bugged his victim’s house to discover where she intended to go. Then he would mysteriously appear. At work, at the local gym, at the restaurant, at the doctor’s surgery: wherever she want. For nine hellish years.

Stalker presents interviews with victims and their families as it explains the different types of stalking behaviour. Police and psychological profilers can now detect six distinct categories of stalker. The obsessive fantasies and delusional behaviour may be a common theme of stalkers. But there are many ways stalkers can reduce their victims to nervous wrecks.

In each episode the central story is told through the words of the victim and/or their family and friends. Family photos and video, CCTV footage, court transcripts and police testimony complete the picture as we piece together their ordeal.

Stalker! begins on March 5th

Elsewhere on the same channel we have ‘Watching The Detectives’ an authentic series of stories from New York detectives giving first hand accounts of their lives and allowing the viewer to relive the most dramatic, exciting and disturbing cases of their careers.

Watching The Detectives starts on February 19th