I promised Roz one of the nice ladies who sends me things to listen to I would have a crop of singles reviewed for today and a promise is a promise so, off we go…

Kicking off with Laura Izibor’s latest release ‘Shine’ which is out on physical release on March 2nd with a preceding digital release on the 23rd February. I have heard Laura before and to be honest while there’s no question she has a corker of a voice the material didn’t necessarily set me on fire. This however is a step in the right direction, a jaunty soulful backdrop with plenty of bright piano serves as a suitable framework for an agile and somewhat lustrous vocal. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’ll grant you as it does shimmy up to the pop end of the market but nonetheless fairly decent all the same.

Also out on March 2nd is Lemar’s new single ‘Weight Of The World’ taken from his album ‘The Reason’. As singles go this one really does have a lot to recommend it, as always Lemar turns in a solid dependable vocal and shows that if you stick him amidst some slick electro soul production (courtesy of Jim Jonson) he positively thrives. A very striking single indeed, full marks to all involved.

Finally today we have the new single ‘Dead and Gone’ from T.I (featuring Justin Timberlake). Once again out on March 2nd. Its Timberlake’s contribution that gives the track its memorable moments although T.I’s rhyming style flows decently enough. Production wise there’s plenty of electronic pomp and circumstance that will undoubtedly give this song A list airplay. For my money though, this is average.