It’s a bit too early for me to start using the ‘C’ word, but that time is looming ever closer – it’s not long before the party season is upon us. So, here’s a few pointers to make sure that you look hot to trot……….

1. Say ‘goodbye’ to spots and blemishes

This works! I had a particularly nasty spot by the side of my nose, which has GONE. YSX Forever Spot Free is a biologically active formula in a handy stick, that cleanses pores, exfoliates skin, calms redness and swelling and quickly dries out spots for a blemish free, clear and glowing complexion.

2. Shun sleepy eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes are inevitable at my age, but I’ve been using YSX Instant Eyelift, which gives dramatic results instantly. Enriched with extracts of Algae and Wheat Protein for an instant tightening effect, it leaves the skin around the eye area firmer and smoother with the appearance of fine lines significantly reduced.

3. Perfect pout

I’m working on my pout, as I want ultra-kissable lips for the mistletoe this year! YSX Ultimate Pout Gel can increase lip volume by up to 40%! It contains extracts of chilli and menthol to lips make will look fuller and sexier. Use alone or under lipstick or gloss.

4. Soft, sexy, smooth soles

You know what it’s like, 5 inch heels and solid dancing all night, then there’s the dash for the cab! All this can ruin your feet! Heel Smoother Pro turns dry and cracked skin smooth and soft from the first use. Two different sized tips are included to cover all areas of the feet. To make tootsies twinkle, smother them with the Topaz Foot Butter which contains shea butter blended with bergamot, tea tree, lemon and essential oils.