Let’s face it – nobody wants feet that look like dirty old bear paws in the summer (unless you’re a bear of course). We want our pretty toes to peep out our sexy footware and be admired by one and all. Now, I know that the sun has struggled to perform very much in the last couple of months, but I’ve been assured by ‘people in the know’ that September is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT! So, for sexy, sweeter tootsies this season, follow these steps from the beauty experts at Montagne Jeunesse…

Step 1
Soak up some well deserved me-time – take the phone off the hook, ensure husband, lovers, kids, dogs, cats are out – you do not want to be disturbed!

Step 2
Fill a bowl of warm water and empty in contents of the Montagne Jeunesse’s Anti-Stress Foot Soak, mix thoroughly and soak feet for 10-15 minutes.
Containing soothing tropical Pink Grapefruit & Balm Mint, this pampering Anti-Stress Foot Soak helps relax away aches and stresses as well as softening and conditioning the hard skin on your feet.
Dry feet and follow with the heavenly Foot Lotion, containing Spearmint and Balm Mint to gently smooth away any roughness.

Step 3
Go bold and make those tootsies sparkle with your favourite summer shade of nail varnish – the brighter the better! Complete the look with a pair of stunning sandals!

For sexy, sweet, softer feet all summer long, use the natural Mint Foot Scrub once a week. Containing sweet summery watermelon and cooling balm mint, this scrub not only has a deodorising formula to fight odour, but it will also leave your feet feeling smooth and fresh!

On holiday
For fresh feet all day long try Montagne Jeunesse’s Foot Cooler. It goes on like a cream but works like talc. It’s the treat for your feet with deodorising natural iced blueberry and balm mint to keep tootsies cool all day long. It also has aromatherapy anti stress oils to really relax after a hard, hot day on your feet! Ideal to use after our Foot Scrub.

Did you know that on average women walk three miles more per day than men, so go on, your feet deserve a treat! You are spoilt for choice with Montagne Jeunesse.
Conveniently packed in handy single use sachets, Montagne Jeunesse beauty treats are holiday perfect, or ideal for summer pampering.

Priced at 99p each.