Do you want beautiful locks?

Clive Foot has the answer….

I spoke to Clive on the phone and he told me to come to his salon, so he could wash my hair and show me his products.

Clive Foot hair care use plants and herbs with natural extracts, which makes our hair care range animal friendly, vegan friendly and environmentally friendly, our products contain no chemical preservatives.

And, I know this to be true, as Clive tasted every product he showed me to prove that they were made of entirely natural ingredients.

Clive chose the Kelp & Olive Oil Shampoo for me. This shampoo can help very dry or coloured hair as it hydrates the hair and scalp leaving hair feeling smooth. My hair certainly felt smooth and soft.

For my conditioner Clive used Walnut & Tea Tree Conditioner, which can help dry and damaged hair by helping to put moisture back into the hair and dry scalp with this lovely mixture of herbs and natural ingredients.

I was talking to Clive about my mum, who suffers from psoriasis, and he very kindly gave me a bottle of the Patchouli & Tea Tree Shampoo for her to try. She loves it! This shampoo contains herbal antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, which help to clear flaky and itchy scalp and can reduce static.

After my hair had been washed and conditioned it felt full of volume, light and shiny. It also smelt delicious. I have been totally converted and have been using Clive Foot hair care products at home.