Cobra Starship are one of those bands that you might have heard of on the periphery of pop. That haunted grey place that hangs between common garden knowledge and obscurity and somewhere left of flash in the pan. They’ve already enjoyed some respectable support slots for other bands on tour and had their music slapped on a soundtrack album (Snakes On A Plane) and I’ve been getting their singles sent to me on and off for months but there is something about that them that up until now has passed under my radar in terms of spotting any potential they might have. So I had something of a pleasing afternoon in the presence of their album ‘Viva La Cobra’ which is out now.

They’re from New York, now in order to summarise what you might class them as in terms of genre. Imagine if you will if the Scissor Sisters had a younger sibling. A leaner, hungrier but not necessarily as talented version of themselves who were prepared to go that little bit further to get what they wanted. If the Scissors Sisters are camp and suggestive this lot are a seedy encounter in a dark alley after the clubs turn out.

It’s a pleasing rowdy and slightly randy mish mash of light synths and bawdry guitars lined with suggestive lyricism. Nothing that you haven’t heard before but then again nothing that you aren’t necessarily going to turn off the radio or leave the dancefloor if they comes on in your presence.

Highlights come in the form of tracks like ‘Kiss My Sass’ which features a cameo from labelmate Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and ‘Damn You Look Good and I’m Drunk’, judging by the title you should already have an idea where the album is heading. If you find yourself caught in the middle of a slow music purchasing week then this could very well be what you are looking for to bridge that little gap.