The Fuelled By Ramen label has a knack of surprising me, in terms of musical tastes my allegiances it has to be said don’t usually move far into the rock field but so far the label has shown a rather convincing knack of pulling bands out of the hat with a half decent contemporary sound. They also have a knack of signing bands fronted by women with decent vocal ability. Versaemerge’s eponymous release does demonstrate Sierra Kusterbeck has a strong vocal but does sometimes drift towards the pop end of the spectrum (but I suspect this material will have considerable crossover appeal).

The title of the opening track ‘Theatrics’ is more than apt, and the rest of the tracks on offer here have a definite sense of drama about them, thunderous drum fills and chugging guitar breaks mixed with soaring strings give this a slightly camp air. But hey, there are worse things in life.

If you fancy a chance to catch them live they will be touring the UK in April, find details from the link below.

Oh it has to be said though…they have crap hair. I mean “Captain Ginger Helmet” is inexcusable…sorry.