What does a pole dancer, white widow, fortune teller and a skier have in common? They all appear in MOMIX Greatest Hits- an exquisite blend of theatre and dance.

MOMIX is a concoction of athleticism, years of dance training, comedy, inventive choreography, acrobatics, puppetry, creative lighting, striking sounds and visuals. You will marvel at the human form and its abilities when this American dance company takes the stage to celebrate twenty-five years of original performance

In Spawning, a female trio effortlessly manipulate giant balls between their thighs in ways that put most pilates instructors to shame. Then in Pole Dancing a male trio give new meaning to working a pole.

But get your minds out the gutter. These dancers bend, leap, contort and move in ways that only inspire respect and admiration for the human form.

Each piece is set to music that delights the ear- an eclectic blend of contemporary and traditional world music. The sounds are either in synch with the movements –a fusion of fluidity, balance and control-or help to set the mood.

The costumes stand out and blend in when they should, and contribute effectively to the overall visual presentation. In addition to the costumes, the lighting design and techniques support the movements and the look and feel of the show.

A few of the pieces ran a little long, but that did not take away from what was otherwise a flawless production. Though MOMIX is sexy and bold and funny and inventive, it is the display of genius choreography and talent that make it a hit.

In the final piece MOMIX declared “We love London” and we’re sure London will love MOMIX.

MOMIX runs for three weeks (Nov 6-24) at the Peacock Theatre (Portugal Street). Tickets run from £10-£36 and are available at the box office or at their website.