Back in 1999 theatre took on a whole new meaning for me – gone were the bland days of sitting on a seat watching a stage in the distance being stuck next to the same old person during the whole show. The change happened when an outfit at the Roundhouse in Camden going by the name of De La Guarda arrived. They showed me something about theatre which would always leave me begging for more. Sort of like a first time high which you never manage to achieve again. I kept my eye out for them and years later, a whole 7 of them they returned.

Diqui James (one of the founders of De La Guarda) and Gaby Kerpel (musical composer of De La Guarda) have now created a new project and this is called Fuerzabruta (Brute Force in English – but it sounds much better in Spanish).

The show happens all around you, there are no seats in this theatre – action can happen above you, to the sides, on the floor. There are no boundaries, you too are part of the show and its atmosphere. At points throughout the show you are ushered around the floor so you’ll experience different parts of the show in different ways, every time. Don’t dress up, come casual – you even might get wet.

The music is to die for and if you like chill-out / ambient style then it’s definitely up your street.

I prefer to leave the show’s main contents a mystery and allow you and your friends to discover it yourself. I couldn’t recommend a show more and I don’t think I need to – it’s sell out crowds do that. A production for any age group.

Fuerzabruta is playing at the Roundhouse in Camden and will be there until the end of July. Tickets are priced from £20 – £25.

Don’t be surprised if you visit twice.