Kiss My Date has just launched – it’s dating for Londoners.

So dating the first time around left you empty and you wondered why the
hell you bothered leaving the comfort of that big red chair which
currently plays home to your dirty underwear.  Kiss My Date won’t guarantee you’ll have a love life that
Angelina Jolie will turn green with envy about but it will be fun.
Kiss My Date is about having dates, not forever chatting and
getting nowhere.  It is nice to chat here and there but there’s
nothing better than actually meeting someone face to face to discover
whether that new date is your type or not.

Once you’ve gotten to know another user you can arrange a date and time
online and go meet them. When back from the date you can rate the
date.  We all know that people go on lots of dates to find people
who interest them, this is a modern country and dating is a way of life
for a single person (watch re-runs of Sex and the City for hints!).

Dating can be a lot of fun – now you’ll be able to know a little more about the date before you meet – past user experience!