So you’d like to meet some interesting and fun people in London? For laughs, networking, need some new mates, shake some new hands, learn a language?

Anyone is welcome to this meet. We here at 020.COM encourage all friendly people who have lived here for years or are completely new to this fair city.

It’s all set! Set for this Friday at cheesy Tiger Tiger in central London. We’ve reserved the lounge area, so when you arrive just you’re looking for the lounge and go straight there.

It’s free to get into before 10pm but most people will arrive way before there from 7.00 onwards.

Remember, if you do get there later (around 9.30 onwards) there may be a line to get in.

Bring your cameras and stick up the photographs on Facebook (group: 020’s New Friends In London) and we’ll also put up the pics on here.

Remember, there is a dress code for Tiger Tiger. This venue has been chosen because of its central location, it’s choice of different music zones and it’s space. Not for its cheesiness.

If you are trying to find me then I’m the unshaven guy due to a film I’m soon to have a role in.