You might be reading this thinking, ‘I’ve kissed enough people by now
to know how to kiss…’ but it’s never too late (or too early!) to learn
how to kiss well, or just pick up a few new tricks. After all, a kiss
can be the build up to other more exciting experiences.

These days, looking around packed nightclubs and watching staggering
blokes desperately drooling over intoxicated girls, it might seem like
kissing has lost the intimate, romantic status it once had. Most girls
(and boys too, I’m sure) spent their childhood anxiously waiting and
dreaming of their first kiss – and when it finally happened, were you
disappointed because Colin from next door stuck his tongue so far down
your throat you nearly gagged? Believe it or not, some people STILL
kiss like this! So here are a few tips to perfect your kissing

  1. Positioning – As you move closer to whichever lucky person you’re
    about to kiss, tilt your head slightly to one side – in the opposite
    direction to the way they’re leaning – bashing noses might ruin the
  2. Closed eyes – Just before your lips meet, close your eyes – this
    way you can almost lose yourself in the kiss. Some people prefer to
    leave their eyes open during the kiss but until you know what your
    partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes rather than risking
    shocking them by coming eyeball to eyeball.
  3. Mouth – You only need to open your mouth slightly – no one wants to feel as though they’re getting hot and heavy with a trout.
  4. Hands – What you do with your hands while you kiss depends on
    what you and the person you’re kissing are comfortable with. You might
    put your arms around their neck or waist, stroke their back, run your
    fingers through their hair or explore your partners body – provided
    they’re ok with that!
  5. Tongue – Never stick your entire tongue out, unless you want to
    suffocate your partner. Just enough that your tongue will touch
    theirs.  Then what you do with it is up to you – circle the tip of
    their tongue, explore their mouth gently, flicker your tongue over
    theirs, massage their tongue with yours or mirror what they do. The
    best thing is to not just leave your tongue doing nothing – believe me,
    some people do!
  6. Explore – Kisses are not just for lips – kiss your partner’s
    neck, shoulders, cheeks, ears, eyelids, etc, and see which place they
    respond to most – then bingo, you’ve found their erogenous zones.

And here’s what to avoid at all costs:

  1. Bad breath – keep your mouth fresh but not too minty – no one likes a Colgate kiss.
  2. Boring kisses – vary the intensity, the tempo and the duration. Keep it exciting.
  3. Washing machine kisses – don’t swirl your tongue and drown your partner in spit!
  4. Rigor Mortis – don’t leave your body limp like a corpse, respond to their touch.
  5. Going too fast – sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. Don’t assume lips-to-lips means hands-to-everywhere-else is ok.
  6. Overly drunk kisses – tipsy is fine, slobbering stinking drunk snogs are not.

Above all, relax, have fun and don’t take it all too seriously. If you
bump noses or both tilt your head the same way – laugh it off, it
happens, move on!A really good kiss is memorable – hours, days, weeks,
even years after the event – so make them count. Even if you’ve been
with your significant other for years, never stop kissing – it’s vital
to keep that same sort of intimacy and passion you have when you first
start dating, and just one quick kiss before work or as you pass in the
kitchen lets them know you love them. Corny but true! So pucker up and
enjoy really great kissing!