The Audio Bullys return on the 22nd March with their new single “Only Man”, now we all know the formula for these boys by now. Shouty lead vocal sits over shards of broken beats and jittery samples. Now on paper that might not sound so clever but it has to be said this does get under your skin pretty much from the first listen. The original version trundles along with an air of flick knife menace with that “I wanna be your only man” vocal towering over proceedings like a colossus. The cut work underneath is pretty tasty as well proving that as producers this lot are by no means novelty.

On the remix front Reset! turn in a slightly lighter uptempo skittish mix which sacrifices some of the bottom end lumber for a distinctly more nimble recut. It is rising star Jakwob who turns in the star performance however with a dramatic slab of dubstep laden edginess. The bottom end on this mix absolutely grinds your speakers. Irresistible.

The final mix comes in courtesy of the safe hands of Dave Spoon, a pretty solid top of the night house recut with some nice little fidgety squelchy bits laced into the production for good measure. It all hangs together rather nicely.

So in conclusion what you have here is a good single and to top it all off there’s actually not a bad mix in sight here.

…reviewer faints.