Kicking off this week’s singles is Kosha, the latest signing to Seventy Recordings. ‘Old Skool’ is a paean to days gone by. In its traditional radio edit, this track does what it says on the tin and has more than a sneaky look over its shoulder at the nineties delivering a loose uncomplicated vocal with big chunky pianos that find favour with this reviewer. Oh there’s a nice set of mixes as well, check out the Witty Boy recut with its big…cough…almost trancey chords. Guilty pleasure that one. Elsewhere Donnaeo’s mix reintroduces the world to old school time stretches while keeping the back line nice and airy. As catchy as nits. I feel like I shouldn’t like it but I couldn’t help myself.

Out 30th Nov.

Speaking of old skool, next up is Mini Viva (I keep wanting to call them minivan) who to all intents and purposes look like a 21st Century version of Mel & Kim. There are comparisons it would seem to the likes of Salt ‘n’ Pepa. I’m not really seeing that though, their opening shot ‘I Wish’ is somewhat ordinary pop that could very well do the business in the teen market but lacks the gumption and fire of their forebears. Maybe with more invigorating material they could have a bit more potential but based on this offering. I’m not feeling it. Try before you buy.

Out 14th Dec