Just a couple of singles for your Friday delectation, starting with the latest from The Blizzards with “Trust Me I’m A Doctor’. Quite the effervescent little number it is too, like having your gob forced open and filled with Andrew’s Liver Salts, lemonade and some gas from a Soda Stream. Punchy power pop with lilting harmonies and a fiercely bright suite of guitars. Shame it didn’t arrive sooner, because its got chant along festival ditty written all over it.

Its out on September 28th on Island Records

Elsewhere Natalie Imbruglia drifts back into focus with her latest single ‘Want’ bit of an oddity this, thick dense production masks a vocal that has slight Kate Bush pretensions. Does it work, well frankly yes. There’s a dark undercurrent sweeping through this which bodes well for the rest of her material (her next album ‘Come To Life’ is out on October 5th). Imbruglia manages to inject a certain yearning quality into the vocal (apt considering the title). Impressive return to form.

Once again out on September 28th.