Not much to go at today but the slim pickings are rather choice with the new single from Animal Kingdom ‘Signs And Wonders’ which is due for release on September 21st. As songs go this mixes a pleasing slab of guitar pop urgency laced with gentle chimes and a vocal that sounds a little like Vangelis but with balls (and if you doubt my word on whether Vangelis has balls or not, lets have a row about it). There’s going to be mixes to follow with this one which I didn’t get my hands on sadly, but they might offer additional mileage and a bit of intrigue to an already solid release.

Speaking of mixes, Florence and The Machine release ‘Drumming Song’ today and the reason I mention something so late is down to the fact that it is backed with a strong remix package with offerings from Jack Beats who builds the tension in the track by upping the tempo and doing a bit of slice and dice on the vocals and Boy 8 Bit who punches the track in the face and rebuilds it more or less from scratch with a wonky bit of bass and some nice effects, it’s good but it could have been legendary because he steps off the build just a little bit too early. Still never mind. I approve heartily (cos it’s a good cut in its own right).