I was a touch undecided about today’s opening single Bless Beats new release ‘The Rain’ (featuring Charlie Brown and Wiley). The backdrop has enough going for it with a staggered punch drunk beat and slurring half filtered synths. Sadly Charlie Brown delivers a vocal like a man nursing a bad tooth (almost like he’s trying to sing through one side of his mouth) but thankfully Wiley’s rap delivers an added percussive layer to the proceedings. Bless Beats take to remixing themselves with a striking uptempo re edit which improves the track no end. If you’re young enough you’ll wind yourself into the ground with this one, if you’re not young enough you’ll throw your back out trying. There’s a third mix from Wizzy Wow, which goes all two step but it relies on novelty a bit too much so we’ll gloss over that one.

Not bad. Out on August 23rd.

Next up we go to the other end of the spectrum with the latest single ‘So Over You’ from The Mission District (who are they?, why is their name rubbish? still at least it’s not Wayne Hussey’s lot dragging themselves back from the dead). Apparently this lot are going to be “your new favorite band”. I think you’ll find that’s not going to be the case, a whiney American lead vocal sits above a piss weak pop rock karaoke backing track that has the nerve to cite New Order as an influence. I suspect if New Order thought they had spawned wannabe nonsense like this they would follow Ian Curtis to the rope shop. Rubbish.

Out on August 10th.

Paolo Nuttini returns on August 10th with his new single ‘Coming Up Easy’, once again it’s music for the dinner party set who are looking for anything that says “Yah, I still listen to music..” when the truth of the matter is they strived to be bank managers from the age of fifteen and while they might have a rather comfortable lifestyle now, they are spiritually dead. Yes it’s very competent but sadly the blandness of it all simply overwhelms you in seconds, juggling red hot pokers would be more fun.