Get yo’ bizzle on the shizzle…oh sod it. I’m no good at that sort of stuff.

Ahem…let me try again.

Here is the news, Snoop Dogg is back on March 17th with his latest album Ego Trippin’ with a single to follow on the 24th which goes under the moniker “Sensual Seduction”, but wait…that’s not all. It would seem that Mr Dogg has a more adult themed version of said single due for release on the very same day called “Sexual Eruption”, I couldn’t possibly comment on what that is all about.

Meanwhile Timbaland, who it would seem is currently involved with every record released everywhere returns (like he’s even been away) on March 10th with a new single “Scream” featuring Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger. Taken from his double platinum album “Shock Value” it looks like 2008 is not going to show any signs of being a slack one for Timbaland considering his roller coaster credentials for the year just gone, he was the biggest selling singles artist for 2007 don’tcha know.

Sheryl Crow returns with her sixth studio album “Detours” on February 18th, of note is the fact that it sees her reuniting with producer Bill Bottrell who worked on her debut album “Tuesday Night Music Club” (that was the one with the hits on it). Of her impending release Crow says “This is the most honest record I’ve ever made. It’s about being forced to wake up,” What are you trying to tell us Sheryl, for the last five albums you’ve been asleep? Tsk tsk.
Again, expect reviews as they arrive.