I often ponder what type of person buys a LeAnn Rimes album, the image that springs to mind is usually that of pudgy simpletons who hate music and have vast collections of plushies. What we have here is a collection of Miss Rimes, formulaic “country lite” in which she tries to drip an earnest sense of authenticity over the fourteen songs on offer. Alas there is cynical marketing at work here because no matter how authentic she might want to appear. These songs have been gilded with pop sensibilities courtesy of grey suited marketing men. Proof in the pudding that Miss Rimes and those behind her lack the gumption to get off the fence and go one way or another in terms of genre.

The odd track raises an eyebrow such as the recent single “Nothing Better To Do” sadly for the rest of this collection…I had plenty of better things to do. Remember kids, every time you listen to things like this, its time you can never get back.

Next up is Blake (released 5th November) and if you’re expecting me to offset a bad review for a good one as is usually the case, well I’m sorry Magic Eight Ball says “ask again later”. Just when the world had got rid of the likes of G4 along come another manufactured band who seem to think the world needs more cod operatic cover versions of famous tunes. Just how many times a year have Universal got to include a cover of Moon River on their roster’s releases. I can only presume an album like this is for people with short term memory loss, because they’ve forgotten how many times they have bought crap like this already this year.

And to think I was in a good mood this morning…