The last time I spoke of The Puppini Sisters, I wasn’t necessarily that kind. I didn’t see the point of their debut ‘Betcha Bottom Dollar’ with its note perfect reinterpretations of familiar classics and contemporary songs. With the exception of a number of songs you would have been just as well served going out and buying an Andrews Sisters compilation.

Not that I’m denying the girls have a talent, vocally the close harmonisations are spot on its just the material which I always thought was a bit on the pointless side. I have to concede however that the new single ‘Spooky’ has some merit. Once again the swoop and swoon of their vocal is present but this time laced over a moody and urgent bass line which puts a little fire in the belly of the track. It’s a nice little effort and can be yours from September 24th with the album ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo’ following on October 1st