In terms of singles this time round we start with a clutch of new for old style remixes vying for your attention and your wallet. First up 11th December sees a re release of the old school shape thrower’s favourite ‘Go’ courtesy of Moby, taken from his greatest hits package this new version comes equipped with remixes by Vitalic. In all honesty nothing major has been worked into this track just a few subtle tucks and tweaks here and there to give the track a bit of a modern flavour. Still a tune is a tune and in this case nothing has been done to spoil its original charm.

Also doing the rounds on white label if you are lucky enough to be able track it down is an EP of remixes from Depeche Mode. Yes they’ve been done before and they’ve been done to death but some tracks just never die, they just get digitally regurgitated in a bid to cement their dancefloor immortality. This time round tracks such as Personal Jesus, Behind The Wheel, Never Let Me Down and Just Can’t Get Enough are getting the treatment. Some also turn up in the limited double 12” release of ‘Martyr’ that comes courtesy of Mute, there has been quite a bit of radio play for some of these tracks and with people like Timo Mass, Digitalism and Oliver Huntemann onboard the tweak duties you find yourself on safe ground. Go looking for this now if you want it.

Art Brut are another Mute release out on 20th November. A compact post-punk pop release with an (as expected) somewhat acerbic and self-depreciating lyric. Wonderfully biting as you would expect from this lot. If you’re unfamiliar with their output then this is a worthy enough place to get acquainted.

The 1990’s come out of a touring support slot for The Long Blondes with their release ‘You’re Supposed To Be My Friend’ out on Rough Trade. Not bad either, the slightly whiney indie kid narration that is so in vogue these days is in obvious effect against a backdrop of clang and jangle guitar work. It works nicely in a “oh what it is to be young” kind of way. This one is in the shops now (better late than never). Also available now and in a similar vein is the latest single from Dogs, Soldier On. I wasn’t initially going to include this but on the strength of some live sessions from them I caught the other night it would be remiss of me not to give them a mention. A bit of a strong melodic rocker that works equally well in acoustic form (included on one of the CD’s), lyrically sharp and musically accomplished, these factors don’t always hit you immediately but their songs are worth the perseverance.

That’s your lot for this time, enjoy.