Watch out coulrophobes!

Throughout my life clowns have never played a major part and I don’t particularly remember making a request to my Mum for one to attend my birthday party when I was a scrawny little six-year-old.

Last night I made my way to the New Wimbledon Theatre to see the opening night of Slava’s Snowshow which attracted a full crowd for a performance out of the ordinary.

Slava’s Snowshow kept me mesmerised throughout the entire show set off from the start when a deeply depressed and unfortunate looking clown appeared on stage to a masterpiece of modern sounds. Called the Cirque du Soleil of clown shows probably sums it up quite well, it’s also a jovial adventure of a group of Eastern European clowns on a journey to the unknown. The show has no actual diaglogue thread however there is a general direction which climaxes with a fair amount of interaction from the crowd. The show is highly entertaining and part of the journey will be learning about the clowns and their odd personalities. Don’t expect it all to make sense, it’s more about the enjoyment of their minute to minute absurd activities. It’ll put a smile on your face from beginning to end.

If you are wondering whether the child within you really still lives then this show is very telling. My bet is that it is, it’s alive and well. To prove this point, at the end of the show take a look around you and see the wide smiles of your fellow audience.

Slava’s Snowshow is only playing until this Saturday, 7th October so you’ll need to put your snowshoes to book this one. Go alone, go with your friends or take your kids, it will appeal across all age groups.

New Wimbledon Theatre,
The Broadway,
SW19 1QG

Box Office:
0870 060 6646

Groups & Schools:
0870 060 6644

0870 060 1827
24hr (booking fee)