Had a spiffing time at Ken’s summer party last night chatting with the great man plus various bigwigs.

I must stress I AM NOT a Tory but like everyone else I am fascinated by the Tories at the moment and whether to beleive the hype.

Looking into the whites of their eyes they do seem genuinely confident for the first time since something like 1989. Yes parts of it were old Tory….

– canapes were cucumber sandwiches
– lots of ‘chaps’ in blazers
– lots of youngsters with fat trust funds looking to turn the world blue

But there were differences. Lots of guys with open necked shirts, plates of Frazzles being circulated and so on but talking to some of the grass roots members, local councillors there something different that as yet I can’t put my finger on.

Also at Ken Clarke’s do I was chatting to the host about his happy memories of running the Home Office.

He graciously sympathised with John Reid’s predicament at the Home Office but came up with a lovely way of slamming Reid’s management style by reckoning that the Doctor was trying to model himself as the Cabinet equivalent of Alan Sugar. Crashing in and uttering agressive soundbites, ordering judges to change sentencing ‘coz that case that was in the papers just sounds plain wrong if you ask me’.

Now I’m a Reid fan but Alan Sugar is bang on the mark.