To blog or not to blog… THAT is the question.

There’s a phenomenon hitting the screens of computer users all over the world. It’s addictive, it’s sexy and no, it’s not porn.

You may have heard of it, and chances are you’ve done it… blogging is here and it’s giving the average Joe (and Jane) a chance to voice their opinions, rant, rave and plan for world domination.

For those of you who have been hibernating in the technical dark ages, a blog is an online journal. Basically it’s a web site, used as a personal diary, community, a political soapbox, news outlet, or a collection of links. It is whatever you want it to be, there are millions of them, and there are no rules. Sound fun? You betcha.

As Valentine’s Day rears its soppy, doe-eyed head, it seems that blogs are playing their part in bringing the masses together for some lovin’. According to the Tecnorati, a new blog is created every second… you do the maths. That’s a hell of a lot of people bashing away their thoughts on a keyboard. Romantic dreamers, poems, sexual endeavours and pleas for a perfect partner are bouncing across computer screens worldwide. Goodbye ‘Lonely Hearts Columns’… hello blogs! Why rely on a measly two-line ad when you can delve into a person’s inner thoughts? A photo or two doesn’t go astray either.

Travel and leisure giant, recently launched its own blogging site to give people a platform to share their every day thoughts and experiences. It seems that the punters have love on their minds… fancy a blog snog? One foxy blogger has taken the plunge and laid her cyber-heart on the table…

“fancy a holiday to Kenya? If you’re hot you can come with me!”

“Ok,… so here’s the situation. I recently won a holiday in a competition which sounds friggin awesome! It’s a 2 week, all inclusive, 4 star trip to Kenya, (that’s Africa, for the uninformed).

So basically, I’m having trouble deciding who to take. I have a hundred people I COULD take, and of course they all wanna be my best friend now. BUT, I kind of think this would be something best done with a guy. And therein lies my dilemma. I’M SINGLE.

I’m 26, slim, brown hair, green eyes, outgoing, adventurous and I don’t think I’m a minger. I’m just wondering whether, between now and May, I can find a nice guy to take on this trip with me?”

It seems half the UK’s male population want a piece of the brunette’s Kenyan pie. Her email inbox threatens to explode beneath the offers of love, sexual favours and genuine interest.

As with any modern day chickadee, there are rules and restrictions:

“You must be funny, cool, good looking, easy-going, up for a laugh and definitely not just up for a quick shag.”

Is this the new technological meeting ground? Will ‘blog dates’ replace blind dates? A picture may not tell a thousand stories but it sure does give you a good idea of what you’re in for. As has shown, there are singletons out there blogging to their heart’s content. Screening their potential bed-buddies before you can say ‘click, save, post entry’.

The responses to the foxy brunette’s ad are worth a look for their entertainment value alone.

“…I am a clean handsome GENTLEMAN (so I have been told occasionally by many)”

“Please let me know if I’ve won so that I can arrange a wash and haircut in good time. I might even wipe down my horn”

‘bendoverdarling@…’ finishes the list of prospective travel partners. The mind boggles.

She may find love… or, she may just suffer from an inbox meltdown. Either way, the verdict is out. Blogging is sexy. Join the bandwagon now – your love life will thank you. If all else fails, document your succession of romantic failures. Who knows, they may make a book out of it one day. If a London call girl can do it, anyone can. (See the ‘Belle De Jour’ blog for a steamy, x-rated read).

Cold, hard, keyboard-induced cash… the blogs the limit.