Yep, it’s official – my boss has been watching my internet usage closer than ever but i’m addicted just like a lot of people reading this.

The good news? I’ve been given this regular Thursday slot to show you a bunch of zany videos.

So it’s just another day in paradise for those lucky enough to be sitting on their bums strolling around the internet looking for some giggles in the form of video.

Today I’ll show you a couple of funnies that have been sent to me recently.

The first funny will never allow you to look at your umbrella in quite the same way EVER again.

This young lady has far too much time on her hands.

Is this guy for real? I bet he’s dizzy.

And for the animal lovers.. just what is this creature?

Ever thought maybe that your English isn’t quite up to scratch?

I’ll be back again next week with some more. If you have found some funny videos please send me the links.