There was a time when people were quite happy to sit down with the family at Christmas and watch the Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time.

I’m not about to tell you those good old days are over, instead I’m going to give you another option in case lovely Grandma keeps on farting and you’d prefer to leave the room but still be entertained.

If you expect to be in this situation over the Christmas period then please read on.

(Oh, I can’t believe your Grandma farts right in front of you – Ed)

Those crazy scientists in Mountain View, California have finally done what I’ve been wanting to do for ages. A searchable archive of video footage. Goodbye Beedle and hello free-loving creative types. Not entirely free-loving, the creative people of the corporate world are uploading their videos too, so you’ll certainly see some TV footage also. It all adds to the diversity however.

You can look into the lives of everyday fools, check out somebody’s Christmas decorations across the pond, learn that breakdancing doesn’t have to be done with feet and can actually be done with hands and you guessed it… many many more.

So if you are one of those creative type you can download simple software from the site and upload your own personally created videos for the rest of us to see. When you upload your videos you’ll get a chance to add descriptions and other information which will help people retrieve what they’re after.

No longer will our inboxes be flooded with heavy video files from friends we hardly remember. A link to the Google Video archive will now do.

I’m not here to tell you about all of the videos which sit there – there are too many to list. I only would like to point you where to go and start exploring. Of course I will add a few of my favourites which should induce a giggle or two.